Hello Friends...

The brief story of Liv Thai begins with some self-acknowledging. Acknowledging God created me with a bent towards depth and beauty. Shopping the markets in Thailand, the home God brought us to over 5 years ago, was one setting I tangibly saw these two core pieces in me collide in one place.

It's a unique experience to stand on foreign soil, speak in a foreign language, and look into the eyes of a local artisan and find your foreign self united to this stranger by common values. The values of beauty, quality, uniqueness, and all of which only exist by holding highest the value of hard work. These repeated encounters were my meeting place for beauty and depth.

My heart grew big for the small business owners in these small markets of Thailand who work hard for their keep. I wanted to personally reward their praise worthy work. But I realized it's not a one man job, it's bringing this beauty to those who can honestly believe it's beautiful together and love to have their short lives filled with things that make them sing praises to their God.

And that's what I believe about our products. I believe in the souls behind them. And greater yet, I believe in their Creator behind them. The artisans are the masterpiece to behold. It is their design that takes our breath away, and turns into praise to our God.

That's why we buy beautiful things. Because pretty little things turn our heads to the creator of them. Which then, turns our head to their Creator. Which turns our hearts to praise for Him. And praise moves our dropping dispositions to gratefulness.

So yes, in purchasing these products my aim is for the byproduct. Which is the experience of beauty leading to a sense of praise, gratitude, and ultimately a place of contentment.

Enjoy your shopping! (and may it be guilt-free with your newfound perspective)





Dtii is the artist, creator, designer of many leather products. He and his wife, Aom, finish our minimialist wallets from beginning to end. Working out of his home, his work space is a one-of-a-kind. It is my kids' favorite place to run errands with me because of his mini farm of little lobsters in the corner of his workshop! I feel like Dtii could create anything I ask. He is so talented. He and his wife have been creating leather products for over 10 years.





This is the artisan behind these ORIGINAL designed totes and handbags, key chains and tacos. We love Aom for her creativity, hard work, and value for uniqueness.  Aom does the pattern cutting and the leather cutting and hardware attachment. She has employed her two aunts to help with sewing the purses. Aom has been at this for 4 years. We love her and her product. 




The founder and original designer of our bracelet wraps. Rung has been designing wraps for 10 years and built up her staff 58 full time employees, and 25 part time. All of these staff live in her small local community, many of which are relatives. Rung is truly a business woman, smart and generous, increasing the stability of employment for her family.